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Future Co-founders Program

San Francisco or Remote (USA)

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Want to start a company, but aren’t sure about the timing, the funding, or the idea?

super{set} is a startup studio that founds and builds data-driven software companies. We found every company in-house, provide seed investments, and hire a product co-founder before building-out the product and scaling up the team. We’re continuously on the hunt to match hungry co-founder talent with the latest opportunities in our portfolio. The Future Co-founders program matches up-and-coming founders with the best companies coming out of our studio.

What do we mean by “co-found” @ super{set}?

Our co-founders stand side-by-side with us at the whiteboard to build-out a new company from scratch. Co-founders are empowered as and equitized as true founders of the company. This isn’t a middle management role: co-founders roll up their sleeves not just on product but on everything a seed-stage company requires. You will build product while also hiring the first team members and chasing down the first customers. You are a co-founder with a wide remit, but your focus is 100% on building the company - you won’t be pitching investors or wasting time unproductively talking to VCs, because super{set} provides the funding.

Read more at superset.com/cofound 

How do you match talent?

super{set} focuses on data-driven business opportunities across industries and problem spaces. We are working on companies from machine learning to HR tech to health data to cloud infrastructure. Our solution memo process allows us to gain conviction on an idea before writing a single line of code. Once we believe fully in an idea, we bring on a co-founder. That’s where you come in - we need talented co-founders waiting in the wings for the right opportunity. Our Future Co-founder program provides an opportunity for us to meet each other before a seed-stage company is ready to be born. In the program, you will:

  • Get a privileged look at our process in building companies
  • Hear from super{set} co-founders on what they are building and why they joined
  • Have a chance to visit our offices in San Francisco and meet our leaders, Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya, in a small group setting


We’re not going to list out a laundry list of basic tech skills. Our co-founders must have significant product experience, but beyond that we’re fundamentally after four temperamental qualities:

  • Grit
  • Humility
  • Organized Thinking
  • Clock Speed

Upon being accepted to the program, you’ll hear more about these qualities, or read more at superset.com/cofound.

I’m in - what next?

Think you have what it takes to be a super{set} co-founder? We’d love to hear from you - apply to join our Future Co-founders program today. We’ll review your resume and basic qualifications, and if they meet our expectations then you’ll be invited to learn more about super{set}.

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