After the successful exits of their two venture-backed technology companies (Rapt, acquired by Microsoft in 2007 and Krux, acquired by Salesforce in 2016), Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya set their sights higher: to bring what they’ve learned over the last twenty years to the launch and successful buildout of multiple, category-winning companies.

super{set}’s thesis is simple. Every sector, every business function, every consumer experience, is on the cusp of reconstitution through data. AI, machine learning, and data science are table stakes. Winning businesses achieve higher ground and breakthrough value by protecting, capturing, generating, and activating data.

We believe that a company’s blueprint, rigorously defined at formation, can accelerate and elevate its trajectory for years to come. We believe that talented individuals exert quantum, not linear, impact on a company’s outcome and should be rewarded accordingly for it. We believe that company-building is a replicable, learnable craft.

 Our ambition is to advance entrepreneurship across the planet, and to lead, learn from, and work closely with other talented, hard-working people.