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Announcing Our Series B Investment in Spectrum Labs

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Tom Chavez


Responsive infrastructure for data privacy, compliance, and security. Ketch is a complete data control platform simplifying the complexity of privacy and data governance for businesses.

Ketch C

Data clean room software that unlocks the true potential of disparate data. Habu works across distributed data platforms to deliver more comprehensive data and insights.

Habu︎︎ C

AI for recognizing and removing toxic user-generated content from community platforms. Spectrum enables brands to recognize and respond to harmful behavior in audio and text content, in real-time, across languages, and content types.

Spectrum C

A future of work platform that systematizes Diversity & Inclusion and optimizes employee talent for global enterprise. Eskalera is an employee-centric approach to inclusion for all.

Eskalera C

Capturing data exhaust from enterprise systems to generate insights that improve revenue, reduce cost, and increase retention

SturdyAI C

Simulate real-world safety & security scenarios with metaverse simulation tech. Kogniz helps organizations to run tabletop exercises with red teams for physical security and conditioning training to get security teams in shape for when a real event occurs.

Kogniz C

Events belong in your calendar. Powerful calendar products to connect people with meaningful experiences. Add events you love to your existing calendars.

Stanza C

A revolutionary way for artists to collaborate, get paid, and access new audiences. Boomjam makes it super easy to collaborate on music, manage splits, and publish your content.

Boomjam C
MarkovML C

A smart MLOps platform built to deliver the promises of AI to enterprise. Markov accelerates your ML journey from conception to production to help you deliver superior value to your business.

Breaking down data silos in healthcare to form longitudinal views of patient data.


Revolutionizing the way CTOs manage and monitor infrastructure through visibility, governance, and forecasting.


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