Our inaugural offsite in the Mile High City for all the engineering denizens of the super{set} hive. Sessions with peers, keynotes from guests, fun in western wear for all.

full schedule


> Peer-led demos, brown-bags, and birds-of-a-feather

> backend, front end, and mobile engineering, infrastructure and DevOps

> Data Science / AI / ML / Data Engineering / MLOps

> engineering management and recruiting


Presentations and fireside chats with outside engineering leaders - Special guests soon to be announced!


Food, drink, western wear Rooftop cocktails, Beers and Bitcoin, and Rocky Mountain fun


//August 23-25.2022//August 23-25.2022//August 23-25.2022
//August 23-25.2022//August 23-25.2022//August 23-25.2022