We form data-driven startups from scratch.

We look for data-driven product opportunities, summarized in our solution memo.

Data-driven products create value for customers at any point along the data supply chain - from generation and capture, to pipelining and orchestration, to analysis and activation. They become data assets that, through data network effects, grow in value exponentially.

What are ‘data-driven software companies’ ?

Why here?

We listen for pain points and challenges. We develop a theory of the customer and the jobs to be done by a solution.

Why now?

We anticipate staging and sequencing and the growth plan from insertion product to scaled platform. We architect a differentiated solution.

Why us?

We examine all vectors - what data exists, how can it be generated and captured, pipelined and orchestrated, and analyzed and activated.

Based on the solution memo, we decide go or no-go.

If there is market-message fit, we will pursue the opportunity relentlessly. When we have go we make our first outside hire: a product leader as co-founder.

Co-found With Us

Are you an outstanding product leader looking to start the next big thing?