Arijit Dey

Technical Lead

Arijit Dey is a software architect at super{set}.  Arijit's role involves partnering with start-ups from inception to launch, ensuring they reach the market quickly without worrying about early-stage engineering challenges. 

With over nine years of experience building software companies, Arijit's journey began as an intern at Krux, which later got acquired by Salesforce. During his tenure at Salesforce, he was involved in Data Processing activities and built pipelines that provided customers with valuable insights. He later joined Habu, a seed-stage start-up, as a founding engineer, where he spent three years building the product from scratch. 

Arijit has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, where he first landed in the US after completing his Bachelors from West Bengal University of Technology in India. He moved to the Bay Area for his internship and has since made it his home. When not coding, Arijit loves exploring new cuisines with his wife Samiddha, although they can never seem to agree on which one to try next. He is also an amateur photographer and is still trying to master the controls of his DSLR.

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