Ila Sharma

Global People Architect

Ila Sharma is a strategic partner for people-focused collaboration across the super{set} hive. You’ll find her having conversations that bring joy while driving success grounded in a set of growth behaviors.

Ila has spent nearly two decades exploring People and Culture priorities while propelling technology companies toward their next growth phase. She is passionate about scaling organizations, creating a culture of working with heart, leadership with empathy, and inclusion with purpose!

Ila resides in Gurugram, India, and is a seeker, a learner for life. She has academic honors with a Bachelor's in Science from Delhi University and a Master's in Business Economics from CCSU. Currently, her exploration takes the form of experiential journeys, rooted in Applied Behavioral Science alongside Indic Wisdom, catalyzing insights into human behavior and inner presence, guided by the principles of integral Yoga.

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