Women @ super{set} actively helps to attract, retain, and develop women across super{set} portfolio companies. This employee resource group supports women-focused initiatives, increases the representation of female talent in our recruiting pipeline, and provides career and professional development resources for women once they land at super{set} firms.

We seek to balance gender representation in tech by attracting, retaining, and developing women within the super{set} community. We connect, grow, and support women across super{set} companies through our three pillars:


Draw connections through in-person and remote experiences to enable authentic and supportive relationships.


Enhance skill sets, identify career advancement opportunities, and meet your ambitions that can help you succeed personally and professionally.


Create a safe space for women to discuss challenges, embrace hard conversations and help everyone learn and feel seen.

We are more powerful together

Women make up 47% of the workforce in the United States – but only 25% of the tech workforce. Nearly every major study shows that women are an asset to technology companies – for instance, companies with more gender diversity have better financial outcomes. With women at super{set}, we’re planting our flag to build a culture that attracts, retains, and elevates women.

We are a community of 100+ women (and growing!) located across seven different countries, representing 10+ super{set} companies. We are building a support system for women and allies by offering mentorship, empowerment, inspiration, strength, and growth. We want more women in the room, more women at the table, and more women in the C-Suite.


Kate Pardi

Head of Growth

Sheridan Rice

Head of Connection

Sahiti Surapaneni


Avanti Gade

Head of Allyship

Jennifer Sommerville

Head of Onboarding

Lindsey Meyl


Are you a woman or an ally at a super{set} company?

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